Protecting Everyone in the Organization

Object123 procedure and the Disputz Network
  • It is guaranteed that our behavior will be somewhat objectionable on occasion, especially when we disagree within an organization. (no one’s perfect, right?)
  • We can either ignore the behavior as it happens, and be more likely to complain to others after, using malicious gossip, and creating a toxic workplace….
  • Or we can agree to object to the misbehavior in real-time and direct, to resolve the issue and prevent the behavior recurring.
  • We will need to agree on this premise. We will also need to agree, as an organization on how we object and on how the offender should respond to our objections.
  • Enter our proposal to use the Object123 self-moderating procedure to encourage a one-on-one, real-time intervention and resolution. No need for managers or HR to intervene in these disputes anymore. Saving billions of dollars globally!
  • However, if our objection is contested by the offender and we cannot resolve it after using the three steps of Object123, then we have an unresolved dispute.
  • To resolve the dispute, we agree to use a SaaS network of independent peers (Safety as a Service) called the Disputz Network – the social network for disputes, to review and even vote on our dispute if need be.
  • Once these precautions, and safeguards are in place everyone in that workplace can feel safe and secure knowing that they are protected from the misbehavior of anyone else in the organization.

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