Conflicts in Disguise

We should be able to test and resolve all of our spats to ensure that they are not the more severe dispute or conflict. Let's try to resolve all our minor team spats mainly because some of these spats could be conflicts in disguise and ultimately could be responsible for causing the the next startup team to fail.

Manual Machine Moderator

Machine moderators may be used in the pre-moderation stage to flag content for review by humans. This would increase moderation accuracy and improve the pre-moderation stage.

Creating a Safety Moderator

Firstly everyone in the team would need to agree to use the safety moderator. It allows anyone to speak up in real-time and object when we feel offended or uncomfortable with how we are treated during a heated discussion.

How to Save Billions of Dollars Globally on HR and Management.

How do we save billions of dollars globally on HR and management fees? Easy! Simply create a one-on-one, self-moderating procedure that teams can use to to help resolve their behavior disputes with fellow team members or their manager. We call ours Object123 . Then create a social network of independent peers that are willing to review and adjudicate any disputes that we have trouble resolving using this tool. We call our the Disputz Network . And that's it.

Safety for Speaking Up!

SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY or SAFETY FOR SPEAKING UP? I am not from the safety industry but I seem to be continually drawn into this area. I've only just caught on that the following mantra is probably what most safety officers in the industry use, ie SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY! But what if we need... Continue Reading →

Protecting Everyone in the Organization

Object123 procedure and the Disputz Network It is guaranteed that our behavior will be somewhat objectionable on occasion, especially when we disagree within an organization. (no one’s perfect, right?)We can either ignore the behavior as it happens, and be more likely to complain to others after, using malicious gossip, and creating a toxic workplace….Or we... Continue Reading →

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Ever wondered why a business or personal relationship fails? Most people never do, deeming it just too painful or complicated to try. Well, I have wondered most of my life and come up with the simplest and most obvious answer—death by a thousand cuts. In other words, simply too many nasty and unresolved disputes. Obvious,... Continue Reading →

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