Hello and welcome to my blog—just a little about me. My name is Desmond Sherlock, and I have been working on this project, basically since I was kicked out of a fundamentalist Pentecostal group in 1985 after joining it two years earlier. This set me free to start my quest to find something to resolve disputes, and Object123 is it. How do we resolve our disputes? Object, of course. Well, that is my solution, and obviously, it is not rocket science or even revolutionary.

So why are not more people talking about objecting? Heck, don’t ask me. It is so simple that I am bamboozled as to why not. For me, it is as plain as the nose on my face, but maybe it is so obvious and straightforward that the well educated in psychology are looking for something more complex, and something that can keep them in a job quite possibly, who knows.

During my quest, I discovered the latest buzzword in organizational psychology, and that is Psychological Safety. But for me, I cannot see the difference between Psychological Safety and Conflict or Dispute Resolution? Maybe someone would like to enlighten me here. I will fill you in when I have found out more.

I say this, because the way to acquire Psychological Safety does not seem to have been defined yet. All one has to do is look into books on organizational culture and teams, and one can find a ton of books on the subject with a myriad of dogmas claiming to have the solution. I am not convinced.

In 2025 it will be 40 years since I began my quest, so maybe I will either have succeeded by then and have published my Object123 ebook and have gotten my disputes review network off the ground, or perhaps it will be time to hang up my thinking hat. I am not fussed.

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