Conscious Conversation

So, imagine if we knew the real reason for conversation and then used it more consciously rather than getting the fewer benefits subconsciously? Just like we are now more aware of why we eat and what we should eat means we can stop eating junk (if we want to) and eat more nutritious meals. We... Continue Reading →

Born to Assess

So, what is conversation really for or one of the main reasons? I say conversation is for assessing. Assessing the sincerity of the person and the accuracy that they report any information. That is, also assessing ourselves and our own information during this process. Of course it should be enjoyable and it should kill time... Continue Reading →

Agreeable Apology

  Imagine if we had an agreement to apologize when we got angry, ignored the other, lied or made a false accusation. Not only an apology but an agreeable apology. One where the receiver would need to agree to the apology offered before it was accepted. This would revolutionize a relationship, in my view. In... Continue Reading →

Making Sure We’re Making Sure

I don't know about you but I think conversation is for making sure, continually. "Making sure of what",  I hear you say. Well, I think "conversation is for making sure that it is either true or false that we either agree or disagree". Now this is easy to see if it is true or false... Continue Reading →

Resting on Our Laurels

I think some people marry to “make sure” and think that’s it. But maybe marriage should be about making sure everyday.....making sure that it’s either true or false that we either agree or disagree. No room for resting on our laurels....but does sound like a lot of work.

Hard Yards of Conversation

I think we have to be careful and not assume someone is lying just because it sounds outrageous, unbelievable or downright wrong. I think we cannot rely on our prejudices, presumptions and biases when it comes to accusing someone of lying as it is too serious an accusation. Unfortunately we have to do the hard... Continue Reading →

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