Making Sure We’re Making Sure

I don’t know about you but I think conversation is for making sure, continually.
“Making sure of what”,  I hear you say. Well, I think “conversation is for making sure that it is either true or false that we either agree or disagree”.

Now this is easy to see if it is true or false on whether you agree with me or not. Simply listen to any conversation in your orbit and you will see everyone making sure (to a lesser or greater degree).

But here is where it gets interesting. As with any intention there are always dissidents and recalcitrants so we get all forms, variants and perversions of “making sure”. Some have already made sure and now are trying to make other people conform to their so-called sureness. Some are so unsure that they will listen to anyone that seems to be sure and then there are the middle ground of people in their sureness making. All of us on some level of surety or unsurety.

And finally the most interesting part. By having an awareness (level of surety) of our surety seeking we can approach each conversation on a new plane and observe each other’s expression from this plane and open up our conversation to a new level of making sure……maybe.

PS. We can also protest or object to anyone that has already “made sure”, citing this post and your new level of awakening.

So in conclusion, in my view, people have a certain level of surety and a certain level of awareness of their surety, and put together, forms a big part of what makes us “us”.

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