Desmond Sherlock References

My Synopsis as seen on Bing Chat:Desmond Sherlock is a founder of, a company that aims to address spats in teams democratically1. He is also a co-founder and co-owner of several other businesses related to travel insurance and car rental1. He is an author of a book called Rethink Perfect, which proposes six rules of engagement for moderating... Continue Reading →

Start at the End – SpatzAI Behavioral Statement

Matt Wallaert's book Start At The End (summary) is an excellent starter for learning to create an intervention that can be piloted and refined to eventually achieve the desired behavior. Based on the idea that science is a better way to design an intervention than using "marketing madmen" scratching their heads and putting together an... Continue Reading →

Intervention vs Prevention for Poor Behavior in Teams

Intervention and prevention are two approaches to address poor behavior in the workplace. Most psychological safety experts promote prevention; however, every day, people are dealing with poor behavior in the workplace and need help NOW! It could take years before preventative measures kick in, yet no one seems to be promoting a standard intervention procedure... Continue Reading →

Clean the Fish Vs Clean the Fishbowl

It's time to clean the fishbowl, not the fish On LinkedIn, so many psychological safety experts suggest that changing managers' behavior is the key to changing their employees' behavior. However, I see this approach as akin to cleaning the fish instead of cleaning the fishbowl. It's important to differentiate between educating people to change their... Continue Reading →

SpatzAI Theme Song

I asked ChatGPT to rewrite the Flash Gordon lyrics by Queento use as a theme song for our intervention toolkit concept, and it came up with this, with no other prompts and in just a minute. Verse 1: Spatz, A-I, the hero we need Fights for truth, with lightning speed From distant worlds, he's... Continue Reading →

When the Shit Hits the Fan

Dear Amy and Kim, it's all very well to tell your dear followers, "4 ways to help you to speak up in the workplace", only for these readers to try and find out that speaking up doesn't always go as planned and the shit hits the fan. Then they remembered why they avoided disagreeing with... Continue Reading →

Most Organizations Are Not Democratic

Kremlin Vs Westminster System The latest buzzword in organizations is psychological safety, where team members feel free to speak up without any repercussions, but is it any wonder that they don't when the whole organization looks more like the Kremlin than the Westminster System and is structured to shut them up! The name "Kremlin" means... Continue Reading →

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