Conflict Resolution or Secret Men’s Business

Generally speaking, conflict resolution is carried out by management and or HR behind closed doors. It is not a democratic process. Let's call it secret men's business. Is it any wonder that there are countless unresolved complaints from disgruntled employees in organizations? The democratic process was first developed over 2500 years ago in Ancient Athens,... Continue Reading →

Further Steps in Transparency

Another point for exposing our unresolved conflict is that it acts as a great incentive to ensure we all use our new and radical toolkit available to resolve our spats before they become our exposed conflicts.

Play the Ball Not Play the Man

There are not too many examples of idioms that work as well as this one, I reckon, but as an ex-soccer player, I would say that. However, there is a bit more to this idea that meets the eye. The best soccer players play the ball (PB) because they can. Those who are not so skillful will... Continue Reading →

Shield of Protection

Most authors on organizational behavior, such as Amy Edmondson, Timothy Clark, and Kim Scott, seem only to offer psychological insights on how team members should behave towards each other rather than specifying how to actually protect members from misbehaving and toxic managers. Imagine if every organization was obliged to provide a standard "shield of protection"... Continue Reading →

Disagreement Vs Dispute

Disagreements, to me, are essential, and we should have far more of them, but a disputes can quickly erupt from a disagreement because one or more will start to "play the man, not the ball." It is when we get personal that disputes arise, I believe.Listen carefully to any disagreement, and you will find that... Continue Reading →

Exercise Caution When We Disagree!

I just saw this sign (slightly modified) in the city of Darwin. It occurred to me that we are bombarded with instructions to be cautious for hundreds of things, and rightly so. However, I have never seen a sign for the one caution for a behavior that I believe is responsible for more deaths and... Continue Reading →

Co-founders, Build Your Own Dispute Network

We use as our Founder Dispute Network "65% of startups fail because of co-founder conflict"PROF. NOAM WASSERMAN – THE FOUNDER’S DILEMMAS Anyone that has ever been in a startup will know that it is challenging. It’s sort of like being in a Wild West movie, with no natural justice system and everyone afraid that there might... Continue Reading →

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