Clean the Fish Vs Clean the Fishbowl

It’s time to clean the fishbowl, not the fish

On LinkedIn, so many psychological safety experts suggest that changing managers’ behavior is the key to changing their employees’ behavior. However, I see this approach as akin to cleaning the fish instead of cleaning the fishbowl.

It’s important to differentiate between educating people to change their behavior (clean the fish) versus addressing poor behavior on-the-fly (filter their waste). I prefer the latter.

I believe that to maintain a healthy work environment, we need a two-pronged approach:

  1. Clean the Fishbowl 
    That is, by selecting team members who agree to the team charter and want to participate in a newly cleaned and maintained environment.
  2.  Filter-out Their Waste
    Use a toolkit like SpatzAI to keep the environment filtered and clean.

The SpatzAI toolkit includes the team charter, a 3-step app, a peer review network, and AI-ML data to help monitor and keep the environment in good health.

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