Psychological Safety Drill & Safety Net

So, you want psychological safety for your organization or team? Psychological Safety is the latest buzzword used since everyone found out what Google was up to with Project Aristotle and what they learned in their quest to build the perfect team. But ask someone how we get Psychological Safety, and most authors seem to expound... Continue Reading →

Disputz Network Values

Disputz Review Network CLARITYThere are no complex rules of engagement to learn with Disputz. One lets the other know, in real-time, when one is offended, and there can be only one of two results; the objection is sustained or overruled. For example, when one objects to poor behavior or attitude, in real-time during a disagreement,... Continue Reading →

Disputz Review Network Pitch

the problem Internal disputes occur in teams & especially startup teams when they are making pivotal decisions early on. It can be a power struggle when we disagree & can expose poor behavior & attitude issues. These disputes are difficult to resolve, cause us friction, and upset the dynamics within the team, which can leave... Continue Reading →

To Complain or Object that is the Question?

There is not so much awareness in our organizations and teams between complaining versus  objecting. Here are the legal definitions as per WikiDiff, although I am talking more about civil purposes, which I have thrown in at the bullet points. To complain: "(legal) in criminal law, the preliminary charge or accusation made by one person against another to the... Continue Reading →

The Quest to Find Psychological Safety

The quest to find Psychological Safety has been ongoing since 2016, when everyone found out, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. Since then, everyone seems to be trying to find and define how we go about achieving Psychological Safety. How Do We Find & Define Psychological Safety What if I said... Continue Reading →

Peter Thiel’s 7 Questions for Product Innovation

Unique-corn A reminder to everyone that hopes to have the next unique-corn in Australia Engineering: Breakthrough technology rather than incremental improvements?Timing: Is it the right time to start?Monopoly: Big Share of a small market?People: Do we have the right team?Distribution: A way to not only create but deliver our product?Durability: Market position defensible 10 to... Continue Reading →

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