Psychological Safety Drill & Safety Net

So, you want psychological safety for your organization or team? Psychological Safety is the latest buzzword used since everyone found out what Google was up to with Project Aristotle and what they learned in their quest to build the perfect team.

But ask someone how we get Psychological Safety, and most authors seem to expound their thoughts describing what it looks and feels like, but not exactly how we get it. Sort of like describing the water while someone is drowning. E.g., Amy Edmondson terms “psychological safety” — confidence that team members can speak up or even make mistakes and still receive support from the team.

All we need now is HOW we get there. I believe Psychological Safety is achieved simply by merging Conflict Resolution with Organizational Culture or a safety drill with a safety net.

I call our safety drill, Object123, and our safety net, the Disputz Network, and believe that we will feel the psychological safety that Amy Edmondson describes by practicing the safety drill and utilizing the safety net when needed.

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