The Quest to Find Psychological Safety

The quest to find Psychological Safety has been ongoing since 2016, when everyone found out, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. Since then, everyone seems to be trying to find and define how we go about achieving Psychological Safety.

How Do We Find & Define Psychological Safety

What if I said I had uncovered a simple objection toolkit or workplace safety drill and backup safety net that would do the job?

That is:

  1. Reduce and resolve internal disputes in teams by up to 95%
  2. Increase the quality of our team decision-making by up to 35%
  3. Cost much less time and money than what we are using today (HR & Middle Management)

Could it be true? Maybe. Would it be worth testing it? I think so. Take a look at what the future could look like in less than five years.

    We agree to use a simple 3 phase objection procedure when offended by misbehavior during a disagreement and receive the appropriate accountable response for each level of objection or escalate to the next phase.
Object123 Procedure
  • DISPUTZ (peer review) NETWORK – SAFETY NET
    If we get to the third phase and are still unable to resolve our dispute, it is automatically posted onto the peer review network to get feedback from our peers (in this case, startup peers). And finally, if still unresolved, a vote is taken over a zoom call for a recommendation to be made.
Disputz Network Facebook Group MVP
    Using the above Safety Drill, we can truly feel safe exploring difficult discussions and allow us to carry out less emotive and more reasonable decision-making, especially knowing our Safety Net has our back, as well.

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