What is the most objective institution in our society? I would say the legal and judicial system, although it has many weaknesses. Marriage is one of the least objective, in my view and lasts, on average 9 years in Australia. Sport is a combination of both with subjective supporters and players with the benefit of... Continue Reading →

Making Sure I’m Making Sure

So when we first meet someone we are usually making sure we are liked and if it was an attractive girl/boy we are making sure we get some sex, if we are lucky....maybe. There are lots of other agendas, as well, that we can have for making sure of, but I think mine was always... Continue Reading →

Objective Agreements

An agreement is the closest thing to objectivity, in my view. If true then obviously the better and stronger the agreement, the closer we get to objectivity. The better the processes we use to form a quality agreement the better the agreement and the closer to objectivity.....maybe. Do you agree?

Making Sure of Innocence

Every democratic society, seems to be built on the legal principle of..... "Innocent until proven guilty". So, even within business and personal relationships this mantra should apply. We are all innocent until proven guilty and should not be quick to judge. But we do also have the right to prove someone's guilt. That is, to... Continue Reading →

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