Making Sure of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Maslow was famous for creating this chart of hierarchical needs to survive. That is, we are all making sure we have 1 through to 5, in that order of priority.

What if we changed this dramatically and turned the pyramid upside down changing the focus of parenting.

Having parents that can provide 1, 2, 3, & 4 needs then maybe the child could focus more on number 5 and the parents assisting them rather it being an entirely “self actualization”.

Surely that is the job of parents to provide all 5 needs. Perhaps most parents have not spent much time actualizing and too much time making sure of the other 4 needs, to be able to give their child the tools for actualizing?

If I have a child I would instruct them with an underlying code of conduct, that I believe is the secret/hidden/lost instructions we all live by unconsciously.

“Make sure he/she is making sure, but making sure it is appropriate to the level of risk.”

I believe it is possible we all have this instruction embedded in our DNA but being instructed to do this by our parents directly and not spend years (in my case 58 years) to try work it out, could be momentous for helping that child actualize.

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