Stop-the-Line Conversation

Stop-the-Line Conversation, using Object123 "Stop-the-Line manufacturing is a technique introduced by Taiichi Ohno (of Toyota Production System fame) in which every employee on the assembly line has a responsibility to push a big red button that stops everything whenever they notice a defect on the assembly line." Initially, people did not understand the idea as... Continue Reading →

Integrity is Not Blind

I prefer all leaders and followers, for that matter, to qualify their thoughts as opinions rather than dress them up as facts. For example, I used “I prefer” but I could have said what “I think” or “in my opinion”, etc etc. This would open us all up to be more easily challenged, I believe,... Continue Reading →

The Radical Principle of Object123

I will try explain the simple but radical principle of Object123. Instead of drawing up hundreds of dot points on what to do, what not to do and basically how to behave in your organisation, you simply start with Object123 and that is it. Basically it becomes your very own AI for describing how to... Continue Reading →

We Object to Misbehavior in Real-time

The Civility123 toolkit to tackle aggressive and submissive misbehavior Prevent Vs Object IN REAL-TIME We can't PREVENT misbehavior; it is a given. It WILL happen, on occasion between people, especially when we disagree. When our ideas are threatened, we can become defensive and offensive, resulting in angry, and uncivil behavior. We can, however, OBJECT to... Continue Reading →

Disagree Vs Object

Disagree with Content - Object with How the Content is delivered in Real-time Here is the tip of the century (my view) or what I have called aSocial Just Culture When we are having a disagreement don't allow ourselves to get confused or sucked into a personal dispute. Only DISAGREE with WHAT (content) someone says.NEVER... Continue Reading →

Social Just Culture

We Believe Every Organisation Should have a Social Just Culture Such as Object123 Psychological Safety:The Psychological Safety movement has been getting some legs over the last 5 years since a few articles came out as a result of Google's research into what makes a successful team at Google. "Psychological safety is being able to show... Continue Reading →


There is a lot of talk about meritocracy now a days. Ray Dalio has famously built his Principles around this idea, I believe. But just as importantly I believe we need to include a demeritocracy. That is we get merits when we step up and succeed but we also get demerits when we step up... Continue Reading →

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