Check Mating

Funny, there are so many agreed-to specific and intricate rules of engagement in chess, even down to the very second one takes to making a too, I believe, couples should be continuing to develop, agree and re-agree to their own rules of engagement before engaging in any disputes. Chess is a wonderful game of... Continue Reading →

Believing in Fictional Narratives

From the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I’ve understood this idea of fictional agreements for a while now. ie that money is an agreement. Even Dong, the currency for Vietnam is a derivative of “dong y” meaning to agree. And the creation of our agreements for treating each other etc. but the problem with fictional... Continue Reading →

He’s Dreamin’!

It seems to me that delusion has an intricate part to play in mental illness. If this is not delusional, then, the less delusional, or more factual or accurate we are, the healthier, in our own mind we are going to be...maybe. Is it possible that the more surety we are continually seeking, the less... Continue Reading →

Making Sure We’re Making Sure

For the last 100,000 years people have been in the information era. Since we began to converse and share information with each other we have been assessing or making sure of  the information's integrity. Making sure of its accuracy, consistency and that we are ultimately understanding it. If this is true and we agree with... Continue Reading →

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