Singular Distinctions

  Just finished reading The Certainty of Uncertainty by Bernhard Poerksen and it was a very good read on Constructivism, ie. the only thing that seems certain is uncertainty as the title implies. In the first chapter, Poerksen interviews Heinz von Foerster  who's opinion I probably like the most. Anyway worth a read in my view and a... Continue Reading →

The Seventh Sense

Whether we are in conversation, debate, discussion, or any other form of communication with someone, I believe that we are using our communication making sure or making sense; to sketch out where we are at in or minds, at a specific time. In other words, communication is just one of our senses, our seventh sense......maybe.

Making Sure

If I asked an AI during the Turing test, why we were having this conversation what would its answer be? It would probably say, to prove or make sure it was the one, the one it says it is. Maybe that is the same reason we have conversation too, to make sure we are the... Continue Reading →

Pretending Thoughts

I think that we all are tending..... Tending to agree or tending to disagree. Most of us tend to hide our tending when we disagree. ie pre-tending!

Should All Conversation Be Enjoyable?

Hey.... so what you think of this... That conversation is the process where we either agree or disagree and do it enjoyably? and anywhere in between this spectrum ......the spectrum is between Agree and Disagree. So it is not really a "conversation" if it is not done enjoyably ie. interrigation, debate, enquiry, discussion, etc do... Continue Reading →

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