Should All Conversation Be Enjoyable?

Hey…. so what you think of this… That conversation is the process where we either agree or disagree and do it enjoyably?
and anywhere in between this spectrum ……the spectrum is between Agree and Disagree.
So it is not really a “conversation” if it is not done enjoyably
ie. interrigation, debate, enquiry, discussion, etc do not necessarily have to be injoyable
So, if we want a conversation we need to focus on the enjoyable part and making disagreement enjoyable is a real idea.
……but difficult and so is chess!
Adding enjoyable into the definition is new but we have had it in DECARRT
OBjECT – And the Art of Being Objective

is the same as

OBjECT – 7 Subjective Ways to be More Objective

Maybe I should use the first title

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