Safety as a Service – SaaS

Psychological Safety as a Service Psychological safety is the latest buzzphrase in organizational research. As I interpret it, it simply means feeling safe to speak up. It may well turn out to help create the holy grail of safety in teams, but at the moment, much more research needs to be done. UNSAFTYOn the contrary,... Continue Reading →

Psychological Safety & Nuclear Fusion

Psychological safety and nuclear fusion theoretically exist Psychological safety and nuclear fusion have something in common they both theoretically exist. Nuclear Fusion: Scientists have pursued harnessing nuclear fusion's power-generating capacity for almost three-quarters of a century. In 2019, National Geographic described nuclear fusion as the "holy grail for the future of nuclear power." Their quest continues. Psychological Safety: The... Continue Reading →

Safety for Speaking Up!

SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY or SAFETY FOR SPEAKING UP? I am not from the safety industry but I seem to be continually drawn into this area. I've only just caught on that the following mantra is probably what most safety officers in the industry use, ie SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY! But what if we need... Continue Reading →

Protecting Everyone in the Organization

Object123 procedure and the Disputz Network It is guaranteed that our behavior will be somewhat objectionable on occasion, especially when we disagree within an organization. (no one’s perfect, right?)We can either ignore the behavior as it happens, and be more likely to complain to others after, using malicious gossip, and creating a toxic workplace….Or we... Continue Reading →

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