Object to Noise

Noise causes noise. - To object makes us objective Statistical noise is referred to results that are scattered and not so easy to identify why it is occurring.It is also the title of the next book by Daniel Kahneman.But imagine if we actually removed noise (actual noise) from our discussions in decision-making. ie Reduce any... Continue Reading →

Aggressive – Assertive – Submissive

If Assertive behavior is the objective between Aggressive and Submissive then maybe objecting to aggressive and submissive behavior is the key. Is this possible, that the principle of moderating our behavior and treating each other objectively is linked to the actual word, OBJECT? I believe so. As we simply OBJECT to aggressive and submissive behavior... Continue Reading →

Latest Objective Book Cover

This is my latest book cover, influenced by Daniel Kahneman, and his latest book, Noise.From an interview I heard today, he seems to be saying, how we can overcome overconfidence in organizational decision-making. My take is that confidence is the goal but overconfidence or underconfidence is not. Now, rather than using the old cliché and... Continue Reading →

“Agree to Disagree”, Supplemental

Type into Google "Let's agree to disagree" in quotes and it will return some 121,000 results. "Agree to disagree" or "agreeing to disagree" is a phrase in English referring to the resolution of a conflict whereby all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position. It generally occurs when all sides recognize that further... Continue Reading →

Eliminating Badmouthing Gossip

Q. How do we eliminate badmouthing gossip in organizations?A. Expose any unresolved dispute to the whole organization.Obviously there must be some sort of dispute between the initiator of gossip and the person that they are badmouthing. But imagine if their gossip was open for everyone to read including the subject of the gossip. Hmm that... Continue Reading →

Moderating Startups

Feeling and being safe, both physically and psychologically in a startup team, a family, or any organization is what has allowed societies to flourish. Think of our legal, and political systems in democratic countries. How we achieve it in a startup is another story as, unlike established organizations they don’t usually have HR departments, or... Continue Reading →

Startup Accelerator Dispute Network

Startup accelerators and incubators exist to help nurture and advise startups and assisting them to get funding. Startup teams are decision-making machines, making pivotal decisions that have enormous effect on the early direction and the later outcome of the startup. They are also vulnerable, with around 9 in 10 startups failing. We think that the... Continue Reading →

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