Moderating Startups

Feeling and being safe, both physically and psychologically in a startup team, a family, or any organization is what has allowed societies to flourish. Think of our legal, and political systems in democratic countries. How we achieve it in a startup is another story as, unlike established organizations they don’t usually have HR departments, or middle managers to handle internal disputes.

But imagine if we had a cohort of startups, say in a startup accelerator, where we could harness the team members as a peer review network to help individual startup teams resolve their early decision-making. Decisions that will be so pivotal to the success or failure of the startup team. I believe that it is during these pivotal decision that team members are going to disagree and unresolved disputes form.

If we had a simple and clearly laid out process that we all knew how to tackle misbehavior and uncivil behavior during these pivotal disagreements, then we would all feel safe and secure knowing that bullying will not win out or be acceptable during our decision-making process. After all, that is exactly what a startup is, just a decision making machine, that sorely needs moderating, in my view. Here is my pitch video that might help explain what I am talking about:

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