Eliminating Badmouthing Gossip

Q. How do we eliminate badmouthing gossip in organizations?

A. Expose any unresolved dispute to the whole organization.

Obviously there must be some sort of dispute between the initiator of gossip and the person that they are badmouthing. But imagine if their gossip was open for everyone to read including the subject of the gossip. Hmm that would be interesting.

Imagine if organizations had their own dispute network that allowed everyone in the organization to lodge an internal dispute, after first initiating a specified private procedure between the offended and the offender. This procedure would also include the documenting of both sides of the dispute, first.

What could have been an issue for malicious gossip now becomes an opportunity for anyone in the organization to review the dispute from both sides and offer their feedback.

The potential Result
1. If this dispute network existed and team members already agreed that their behavior could be aired in front of the whole organization, then it is likely that disputes would be resolved through the initial private procedure, rather than having them published for all team members to see.

2. If the dispute was not resolved by the initial procedure and was published on the network, but was still unresolved, then the dispute would finally go to a zoom call. Then the accused and accuser can put their cases forward for up to 8 team members to vote on and make their recommendation to management.

This would certainly be a game changer. Worth a trial, I say.

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