Why Have Rules of Engagement?

I suggest that it works like this: NegotiationsBeing in a relationship or partnership of any sort means we will have to negotiate, propose, and agree to a countless number of issues; that crop up from day to day for the life of the relationship.Free and FairIf we want a free and fair negotiation, we will... Continue Reading →

How to Really Tame a Shrew

Is it possible that we were and are tamed by conversation? I suspect so. I also suspect some of us have been tamed more than others, which would explain why some adults are still almost feral with their poor behavior and ill-temper. Never fear, however, as I have come up with a simple tool to... Continue Reading →

Accountability Will Outshine Any Ego

How do we deal with John's misbehavior and ego? Imagine we are in a company design meeting. You are new to the company but speak up with your suggested solution for a long standing problem on the company's website? John, a leading Tech Designer stands up shouts out; "Yecch! That won't work!"What happens next could... Continue Reading →

This Sentence Could Change the World

“I agree with the content of your point but I object to how it was delivered” Why is this sentence so important? Because it then allows us to have a duel conversation. One on the merit of the contents of a conversation and two, on the merits of the behavior while delivering the content. Now... Continue Reading →

Taking offense

Taking offense, whether it is at work or at home, is not an uncommon experience. So you would think that we would have a commonly agreed-upon solution to approach this problem, when it occurs. But ask any two random people, in an office or at home, how they should behave when they have been offended... Continue Reading →

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