How to Really Tame a Shrew

Is it possible that we were and are tamed by conversation? I suspect so. I also suspect some of us have been tamed more than others, which would explain why some adults are still almost feral with their poor behavior and ill-temper.

Never fear, however, as I have come up with a simple tool to help those of us that still need some taming training. I call it, and it could quite possibly make up for any lack of conversation taming we should have received previously.

Once agreed to, this behavioral tool can help us bring each other into line quick smart, as we learn to object to any ill-tempered misbehavior we produce, especially during disagreements.

Once tamed enough, we can then enter into some extreme, productive, and exciting negotiations and proposals that I believe all good conversation is supposed to entail.

Let the real taming and conversations begin!

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