Freedom to Speak Up

Run with me on this.... Imagine for a moment: Why would it matter what a manager or an employee said to each other or how they said it….IF….(the biggest word in the English language) they had an agreed-to foolproof procedure that dynamically adjusts each other’s behavior on the fly, and in real-time? That way, they... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Workplace Conflict in Australia

Workplace conflict in Australia is estimated to cost between $6-12 billion annually.Some 30 percent of a typical manager's time is spent dealing with disputes and conflicts.On the surface you wouldn't know it, but this problem is endemic and runs deep within organizations. We have created a fourfold solution that allows employees to address conflict and... Continue Reading →

Blaming Blamers Vs Fixing Flaws

I'm sure that everyone knows organizations with people pointing their fingers and attributing blame to individuals is not the best way forward for collaboration. In a recent article in the Economist (you need to register to read it) "Why pointing fingers is unhelpful - And why bosses do it more than anyone", the author seems... Continue Reading →

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