The Potential Science Behind SpatzAI

I guess the question is, is there a standard behavior everyone can agree on and utilize? 

I think so and believe I have found it and have been proving it for some 38 years, and it still seems to work. 

It’s called “I could be wrong,” or the technical term is Rethink Perfect.

I wrote my thesis on this in 2012, called:

Rethink Perfect – The upside of uncertainty & the art of moderating our own disputes. (Available on Amazon, self-published)

I have noticed a connection between getting angry and being perfectly right. So I have been developing a system to counter dogma and its various levels & forms that results in anger. I hypothesize that dogma makes us angry, e.g., righteous indignation.

I believe an excellent real-world example is someone browbeating a teammate’s radical idea:

“Erk!!! I can’t see that ever working!!!”

(Translation: “You’re talking bullshit!”)

My latest iteration is, which allows us to intervene when we notice even a skerrick of dogma, which is a precursor to angry behavior.

Nipping in the bud this behavior, there is the chance to stop any escalation from a potential spat, thus preventing disputes or conflicts from arising.

My thesis is based on two tenets or chapters:

1. Complain Responsibly:

To complain or intervene responsibly, we would Object in real-time (in 3 steps or phases).


2. Prepare for Failure.

Understanding that our objection will never be perfect, we must prepare an intervention for our objection.

Yet to be tested.

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