Object Dispute Example

Cultural Question by Anon:
So lets say two employees have a disagreement. The team leader and the worker runs through what needs to be done, and its all written up and seemingly agreed to. Then the worker goes in a different direction (different order of things) to what was agreed. The leader isn’t happy because this changed order effects work that he had planned.The leader is thinking of replacing the worker.

How do you think the DECARRT etc would play a role here?

Firstly, I would say don’t throw out the worker with the broken agreement.
Address the agreement not the worker. And if the worker bypassed the agreement deal with that and the how and why it occurred.
It is 10 times easier to replace an agreement than to replace a worker I think.

Through the investigation, I believe, we would find a point where an objection was not stated. Our job would be to find that point and back track.