Desmond Sherlock References

My Synopsis as seen on Bing Chat:Desmond Sherlock is a founder of, a company that aims to address spats in teams democratically1. He is also a co-founder and co-owner of several other businesses related to travel insurance and car rental1. He is an author of a book called Rethink Perfect, which proposes six rules of engagement for moderating... Continue Reading →

Start at the End – SpatzAI Behavioral Statement

Matt Wallaert's book Start At The End (summary) is an excellent starter for learning to create an intervention that can be piloted and refined to eventually achieve the desired behavior. Based on the idea that science is a better way to design an intervention than using "marketing madmen" scratching their heads and putting together an... Continue Reading →

Failsafe Button for Teams

In many workplaces, discussions can quickly become heated or uncomfortable, mainly when discussing sensitive topics. This is where having a failsafe "button" or procedure can be incredibly useful.


“65% of startup teams fail due to founder conflict” Harvard Professor, Noam WassermanTHE FOUNDER’S DILEMMAS WHAT IS CONFLICT?As humans, disagreement, debate, and negotiation are all natural aspects of our interactions. However, it's how we handle these situations that defines us and determines our outcomes. At SpatzAI, we view disagreement as a healthy aspect of team... Continue Reading →

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