Start at the End – SpatzAI Behavioral Statement

Matt Wallaert’s book Start At The End (summary) is an excellent starter for learning to create an intervention that can be piloted and refined to eventually achieve the desired behavior. Based on the idea that science is a better way to design an intervention than using “marketing madmen” scratching their heads and putting together an idea that can so easily bomb.

Here is what I have learned so far on how to create a behavior statement from scratch for the intervention I am trying to design.

  1. What behavior are you trying to promote?
    A: We want people to objectively address problematic behavior.
  2. Who will use it?
    A: Individual team members who want to actively share their ideas.
  3. What is the motivation for this behavior?
    A: To create a productive and collaborative team environment.
  4. What are the limitations to achieving this behavior
    A: Team members must agree to the team charter and wear the Spatz lapel pin.
  5. How will you measure success?
    A: Either reduction of problematic behavior or
    How creative a team has become

“We want team members who want to actively share their ideas and have committed to objectively addressing problematic behavior, to consistently utilize the SpatzAI 3-step intervention app and peer-review network, as measured by reducing problematic behavior incidents and the quantity/quality of generated ideas compared to the control group.”

Intervention Design Process IDP
Step 1. Select a potential insight to validate.
Step 2. Create a behavior statement (as above)
Step 3. Inhibiting and promoting pressure mapping
Step 4. Reveal the why of target’s behavior using arrows
Step 5. Tip the scales in your favor (Decrease inhibiting or increase promoting pressures)
Step 6. Look at the ethics
Step 7. Pilot, Test, Scale

To be continued…

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