What is it: Disputz is a Culture-as-a-Service AI platform to help teams resolve their internal disputes. Our Mission: To empower team members to make self-confident & objective decisions. how we do this: By enabling team members to consistently OBJECT to behavior that we find offensive, during disagreements, and if necessary, have our objections peer reviewed.... Continue Reading →

Decision-making Assembly Line

Every organization is a decision-making assembly line, in our opinion. And, as with any assembly line some run more smoothly than others. Toyota became the world’s most valuable car maker by installing a stop-the-line cord that allowed every worker on the assembly line, to stop it when one deemed an issue was effecting the quality... Continue Reading →

Is this Clear Thinking

Don't tackle the person. The definition of disagree is: To disagree with someone/something. Do we actually disagree with someone or with their thinking? I say the latter. Do we actually object with someone or to their behavior? I say the latter, also. So, can we agree with this that: "I disagree with your thinking and... Continue Reading →

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