What is it: Disputz is a Culture-as-a-Service AI platform to help teams resolve their internal disputes.

Our Mission: To empower team members to make self-confident & objective decisions.

how we do this: By enabling team members to consistently OBJECT to behavior that we find offensive, during disagreements, and if necessary, have our objections peer reviewed.

our culture: We base our CaaS around 4 words: Clarity, Accountability, Transparency and Democracy


Object123 Objection Procedure

We agree to use a standardized three phase objection procedure for resolving our internal disputes. When we are offended by the other’s behavior, especially during a disagreement, our first reaction/action should be to OBJECT, starting with a mild:
1. Caution and expect to either receive a sustained acknowledgment or to be overruled, and then escalate to an:
2. Object and expect to either receive a sustained apology or to be overruled, and then escalate to a:
3. Stop, and posting on the Disputz Network to be reviewed and expect to either receive an acceptable apology or then escalate to a:
4. Zoom, and the last chance to resolve the dispute with an acceptable apology and restitution or it will go to a democratic vote from our network peers, and a recommendation is made to all.


Example of the Data We Would Collect

We agree that we can hold anyone in our team to account for any of their words and actions.
And agree to allow the Disputz AI to track our behavior and objections lodged. By building a knowledgebase, it allows our AI to machine learn from the data, eventually allowing our AI to review our disputes along side our organizational peers.

The data collected consists of our Objections GIVEN and Objections RECEIVED by team members.
Initially there would be a lot of objections given and received but eventually, with practice, they will diminish, and we get on with our self-confident and objective decision making without any coercion or obsequies misbehavior.


Example of the Disputz Network

We agree to have any of our unresolved disputes reviewed by our organizational peers.
We will create social network groups of occupational peers, such as:
Startup Teams and Founders (we are starting with this group)
Angel & VC Investor Teams
Medical Staff Teams
Scientific Staff Teams
Musicians & Band Teams

We can use one of the above groups, that we belong, to act as independent, yet prescient observer, and help us review any of our unresolved internal disputes. Our first trial will be with startup teams and recruit team members through startup accelerators and incubators. If successful, we will extend to the other occupational groups above. People can only become a group member by being invited and vetted by group administrators and must agree to abide by the Disputz OBJECT123 Procedure.  See diagram above.


Zoom Call to be Adjudicated by Our Organizational Peers

Finally, if our dispute is still unresolved, we agree to have it video reviewed.
Generated by the network and using our peers in a Zoom call with up to 8 seats, a final vote is taken, and a recommendation is made to the management, the team, and posted on the network.

*Note: It is important to understand that Disputz will mainly act as a deterrent, to counter the egos of the “Bully” and “Snowflake” behavior. We believe most disputes will be resolved at the first or second phase of the Objection procedure ie. A Caution or an Objection. Knowing the fact that our misbehavior will be exposed to the sunlight, acts as a disinfectant, to help us to clean up our own act. We believe that Disputz needs to be designed to the nth degree and we will continue with this approach over the life of the project.

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