Take Chances with Sufficient Protection

“Psychological safety is an atmosphere where one can take chances.....without fear & with sufficient protection.” [EDGAR SCHEIN & WARREN BENNIS 1965 – PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY – WIKIPEDIA] Here is an example of a micro-conflict self-managing strategy that could radically change the team collaboration landscape. Provide team members with sufficient protection to encourage them to speak up in real-time... Continue Reading →

Most Organizations Are Not Democratic

Kremlin Vs Westminster System The latest buzzword in organizations is psychological safety, where team members feel free to speak up without any repercussions, but is it any wonder that they don't when the whole organization looks more like the Kremlin than the Westminster System and is structured to shut them up! The name "Kremlin" means... Continue Reading →

Micro-conflicts Nipped-in-the-bud

Micro-conflict refers to small, everyday conflicts that occur in the workplace. These conflicts can be caused during disagreements when minor infractions, misunderstandings, personality differences, or conflicting goals and priorities occur. Micro-conflicts are often less severe than larger conflicts, but they can still have a significant impact on the work environment if not addressed effectively. Micro-conflicts... Continue Reading →

Conflict Resolution Vs Psychological Safety

What if I told you that we don't have psychological safety in teams because the method of resolving conflict in organizations has not altered in the last 100 years and is sadly lacking? And we could achieve psychological safety with the possible overhauling of this antiquated process. "Ha!" I hear you say rhetorically. "That would... Continue Reading →

Fighting Hidden Conflict Resolution

Malicious gossip is the scourge of most organizations. It is usually how most individuals in organizations deal with their minor conflicts. Also referred to as backbiting, badmouthing, venting or backstabbing, it can only exist if we do it in secret. It's our hidden conflict resolution and so ubiquitous that we don't even seem to notice... Continue Reading →

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