Psychological Safety Protections Vs Psychological Safety Platitudes

I believe it is important not to be confused when experts are describing the problem and making it sound like it is the solution.

“Creating a culture of trust and respect can foster psychological safety.”

[This platitude was generated by ChatGPT]

Sounds great on paper but it’s just smoke and mirrors to me, with zero real-world protections or how-to mechanisms and tools to achieve this. Yet most people can’t seem to see this, and lap it up. That scares me.

Car Passenger Safety

“Buckle up for safety.”
“Safety first.”
“Accidents happen, but precautions can prevent them.”
“Preventive measures can save lives.”
“It’s important to follow traffic laws for everyone’s safety.

Car Passenger Safety
– Protections

  1. Seat belts:
  2. Airbags:
  3. Crush zones:
  4. Reinforced structures:
  5. Electronic stability control:
  6. Self-driving cars

Team Psychological Safety – Platitudes

“A culture of trust & respect fosters psychological safety.”
“It’s important to create a safe space to speak their mind.”
“Creating a supportive environment is crucial for success”
“Communication is key for psychological safety”
“We need to have checks and balances”

Team Psychological Safety – Protections

  1. Conflict Behavior Intervention Agreement:SpatzAI Team Charter
  2. 3-Step Conflict Behavior Intervention App:SpatzAI 3-step intervention
  3. Conflict Behavior Peer Review Network:SpatzAI peer-review network
  4. AI & ML Collating Conflict Behavior Data:SpatzAI App and Machine Learning

Ask the expert to explain how to achieve one of their platitudes and they may well tell you to read one of their books and or do one of their workshops. This has happened to me, I can testify, when I asked one nameless author about her platitude: “We need to have checks and balances”.

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