Devine Intervention – SpatzAI

Devine Intervention - SpatzAI When it comes to storytelling, it can often feel like no truly "new" ideas are left. After all, we have told stories for thousands of years, and, likely, almost every possible plot point, character arc, and twist ending has been explored at some point. But the beauty of storytelling lies not... Continue Reading →

Blaming Blamers Vs Fixing Flaws

I'm sure that everyone knows organizations with people pointing their fingers and attributing blame to individuals is not the best way forward for collaboration. In a recent article in the Economist (you need to register to read it) "Why pointing fingers is unhelpful - And why bosses do it more than anyone", the author seems... Continue Reading →

SpatzAI Elevator Pitch

You know that feeling you get when you want to say something about someone's behavior, but you're too afraid you'll say the wrong thing? Well, we've designed the go-to method for speaking up in organizations when you feel someone is annoying or out of line. In fact, we're creating a whole platform and toolkit called... Continue Reading →

Pushing the Envelope

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" George S Paton We all know how important innovation and collaboration are in organizations, especially tech companies. It is usually highly prized and encouraged. But to achieve these breakthroughs, we need to push the envelope within ourselves and in teams. At the same time, everyone seems... Continue Reading →

Micro-conflicts Nipped-in-the-bud

Micro-conflict refers to small, everyday conflicts that occur in the workplace. These conflicts can be caused during disagreements when minor infractions, misunderstandings, personality differences, or conflicting goals and priorities occur. Micro-conflicts are often less severe than larger conflicts, but they can still have a significant impact on the work environment if not addressed effectively. Micro-conflicts... Continue Reading →

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