Most Organizations Are Not Democratic

Kremlin Vs Westminster System

The latest buzzword in organizations is psychological safety, where team members feel free to speak up without any repercussions, but is it any wonder that they don’t when the whole organization looks more like the Kremlin than the Westminster System and is structured to shut them up!

The name “Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city” and that is what we have in most undemocratic organizations. Management is protected to the detriment of the employees. It is time that we bring democracy and its employee protections to most business organizations through an independent peer-review network to adjudicate any behavioral conflicts that may arise between management and employees.

For example, businesses are usually structured in a hierarchical manner, with decision-making authority (including conflict resolution) resting with a small group of HR, managers, executives, investors or owners. All in all, if we want team members to feel free to speak up then we need to revamp the organization from the top down and protect the employee, especially when it comes to resolving our internal spats, disputes and conflicts. I’m just sayin.

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