Can’t See the Psychological Safety for the Micro-conflict

What if achieving psychological safety was as simple as nipping our micro-conflict behavior at the bud, before they became full blown and expensive conflicts to resolve? I think we can using SpatzAI our AI toolkit to resolve and monitor micro-conflicts in teams.

According to some studies the average number of hours lost to productivity due to conflict is 2.8 hours per week. That would amount to approximately 144 hours per year. At an average wage of $25 per hour, the cost of lost productivity due to conflict would be approximately $3,600 per employee per year.

If we apply this calculation to the estimated number of employees in the United States, which was approximately 156 million in 2021, the total cost of lost productivity due to conflict in the workplace could be roughly $561 billion per year. However, it is important to note that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost could vary significantly depending on a variety of factors.

If we could halve the number of hours lost due to conflict by dealing with our micro-conflict behavior we could save hundreds of billions of dollars in the process, not to mention the increase in psychological safety and the reduction in stress and worker burnout it would bring.

Written with the help of ChatGPT

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