Take Chances with Sufficient Protection

“Psychological safety is an atmosphere where one can take chances…..without fear &
with sufficient protection.”


Here is an example of a micro-conflict self-managing strategy that could radically change the team collaboration landscape.

  1. Provide team members with sufficient protection to encourage them to speak up in real-time to resolve any spats (micro-conflicts) they have during their disagreements. Include a 3-step contingency for when a more severe dispute or conflict arises.
  2.  As team members perfect the skills of resolving their own minor spats, disputes, and conflicts, they will feel more confident and sufficiently protected to take chances on sharing more conflicting and controversial ideas.

Yet to be tested, we believe this approach would provide the sufficient protections necessary to foster psychological safety and radically improve team collaboration. Worth a try, I say.

To do this, I have developed a toolkit for teams to resolve their own internal spats, with contingencies for any that may escalate into a dispute or a more serious conflict, using the following protections:


For more information and demo please visit our website SpatzAI

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