Why SpatzAI Will Change the Conflict Resolution Landscape in Organizations

Conflict resolution has hardly changed in 100 years. Below is a sample form that major organizations like BHP are using for their employees to report problematic behavior. There does not appear to be any forms for addressing minor problematic behavior, however.

Our Mission: Is to become the global default platform for resolving minor problematic behavior in organizations and teams.

Our Vision: Is to create an AI-driven intervention app and democratic peer-review network to manage and resolve minor problematic behavior in teams before they can escalate into toxic conflicts.

Feedback from a naysayer:

  • “I don’t see how the SpatzAI idea can work in the real world.”
    My reply: I think that is what’s causing the problem in the first place, the “real world”.
  • My long experience in the organizations tells me it won’t work.”
    My reply: I guess that’s just a new take on old phrase “That’s not how we do it here!”, and being stuck too long in these “real world organizations”.

Why SpatzAI Will Succeed:

  • We have first and foremost concentrated on resolving team spats or minor problematic behavior in real-time, before it can escalate to major conflict, Ref: The dynamics of micro-conflicts and uncertainty in successful and unsuccessful design teams
  • By using a 3-step messaging app allows team members to simply document any minor problematic behavior directly with the offender and in real-time.
  • We have also democratized the process where we use a peer-review network to adjudicate rather than using HR or management, especially as managers can have a conflict of interest in this process.
  • Finally the data from the 3-step app is collated and parsed and the Spatz AI can machine learn from the data and contribute its review of any conflict along with our peers.
  • By comparing the Spatz data with a teams performance organizations and investors can more accurately predict a team’s success.

This is what major conflict reporting looks like in 2023 with the default conflict reporting company Navex. I am not aware of any procedure for addressing minor problematic behavior? But this form would not do.

BHP Major Problematic Behavior Reporting Form

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