The Subtle Art of Browbeating & Naysaying

Bullying in the workplace will be made illegal across Australia soon; however, I don't believe that bullying is the only real issue here. It is not unlawful and will never be to subtly browbeat or naysay. I think this misbehavior will only grow as overt bullying is made illegal.Everyone knows that explicit bullying is wrong... Continue Reading →

Workplace Protection for Speaking Up

Lately, this idea encouraging workplace team members to speak up and call out mistakes, misbehavior, and misleading leadership has been getting a lot of airwaves. Still, no one seems to be discussing how we can supply sufficient protection during the process.A key to my understanding of this issue is from the quote: “Psychological safety is... Continue Reading →

Blind Misleading the Blind

It's time to get serious about this. I believe it's time we start talking about basic protections that allow workplace team members to speak up rather than listening to the ubiquitous cliches and platitudes that psychologists use to describe the need for psychological safety.

Psychological Uncertainty

The latest buzzphrase is psychological safety. It is aspirational, and as yet, no one knows how to achieve this social construct, but it seems most psychologists are discussing what it will look like and how it might be achieved. I doubt we will. It's a bit like we're drowning while they are describing the water. ... Continue Reading →

Early-stage Misbehavior Intervention Toolkit Vs Positive Behavior Reinforcement Certifiers

POSITIVE BEHAVIOR REINFORCEMENTIt is estimated that the cost of not having a psychologically safe workplace is around $600 billion annually in the US, in employee turnover. So I guess it would be an excellent business to promote psychological safety in whatever form that takes. Most behavioral psychologists are promoting psychological safety nowadays. They mainly focus on positive... Continue Reading →

Freedom to Speak Up

Run with me on this.... Imagine for a moment: Why would it matter what a manager or an employee said to each other or how they said it….IF….(the biggest word in the English language) they had an agreed-to foolproof procedure that dynamically adjusts each other’s behavior on the fly, and in real-time? That way, they... Continue Reading →

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