Object to Noise

Irony - Writing Techniques
Noise causes noise. – To object makes us objective

Statistical noise is referred to results that are scattered and not so easy to identify why it is occurring.
It is also the title of the next book by Daniel Kahneman.
But imagine if we actually removed noise (actual noise) from our discussions in decision-making.
ie Reduce any tone and volume.
Imagine if noise (statistical noise) was actually created by noise (actual noise)? That would be ironic wouldn’t it.

Obviously our objective is to remove statistical noise and bias in order to make consistent and accurate decisions.
We can do this by removing subjective judgements and use more objective judgments.
Wouldn’t that also be ironic that our objective (goal) is to be more objective (without bias and noise) and get get there as we object to noise (volume and tone). That makes me laugh. 🙂

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