Making Sure I’m Making Sure

So when we first meet someone we are usually making sure we are liked and if it was an attractive girl/boy we are making sure we get some sex, if we are lucky….maybe.

There are lots of other agendas, as well, that we can have for making sure of, but I think mine was always been making sure I was making sure as my up front agenda.

This agenda has always been my number one for the last 33 years even when I just started out on my quest, although very primitive for the first 25 years.

Making sure about making sure is a little crazy when you don’t have an actual objective other than that, but now that I understand this much I can now explain it, that I am making sure of my objectivity and everyone else’s, which is basically the same.

How, where, when, why and with whom I can share this process of “making sure I’m making sure” is the next post.

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