Psychological Uncertainty

The latest buzzphrase is psychological safety. It is aspirational, and as yet, no one knows how to achieve this social construct, but it seems most psychologists are discussing what it will look like and how it might be achieved. I doubt we will. It's a bit like we're drowning while they are describing the water. ... Continue Reading →

Psychological Conflict or Safety

Most conflict is psychological. A snide remark, sarcastic quip, an insulting name, gossiping or stonewalling. Much less rarely does such conflict escalate to become physical. But imagine if we were protected from such psychological conflict or agreed to use a simple neutral procedure to resolve this conflict behavior when it invariably happens to us? I... Continue Reading →

Conflicts in Disguise

We should be able to test and resolve all of our spats to ensure that they are not the more severe dispute or conflict. Let's try to resolve all our minor team spats mainly because some of these spats could be conflicts in disguise and ultimately could be responsible for causing the the next startup team to fail.

Safety for Speaking Up!

SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY or SAFETY FOR SPEAKING UP? I am not from the safety industry but I seem to be continually drawn into this area. I've only just caught on that the following mantra is probably what most safety officers in the industry use, ie SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY! But what if we need... Continue Reading →

The Quest to Find Psychological Safety

The quest to find Psychological Safety has been ongoing since 2016, when everyone found out, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. Since then, everyone seems to be trying to find and define how we go about achieving Psychological Safety. How Do We Find & Define Psychological Safety What if I said... Continue Reading →

Integrity is Not Blind

I prefer all leaders and followers, for that matter, to qualify their thoughts as opinions rather than dress them up as facts. For example, I used “I prefer” but I could have said what “I think” or “in my opinion”, etc etc. This would open us all up to be more easily challenged, I believe,... Continue Reading →

We Object to Misbehavior in Real-time

The Civility123 toolkit to tackle aggressive and submissive misbehavior Prevent Vs Object IN REAL-TIME We can't PREVENT misbehavior; it is a given. It WILL happen, on occasion between people, especially when we disagree. When our ideas are threatened, we can become defensive and offensive, resulting in angry, and uncivil behavior. We can, however, OBJECT to... Continue Reading →

Social Just Culture

We Believe Every Organisation Should have a Social Just Culture Such as Object123 Psychological Safety:The Psychological Safety movement has been getting some legs over the last 5 years since a few articles came out as a result of Google's research into what makes a successful team at Google. "Psychological safety is being able to show... Continue Reading →

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