Conscious Conversation


So, imagine if we knew the real reason for conversation and then used it more consciously rather than getting the fewer benefits subconsciously? Just like we are now more aware of why we eat and what we should eat means we can stop eating junk (if we want to) and eat more nutritious meals.

We could reduce our talking junk and get more real nutrition from our conversation.

I have been asking people for the last 30 years what is the real purpose of conversation and every time I seem to get a different answer. From “killing time” to “learning” or “understand each other” to “having fun”. Each one valid but if I asked people why we eat we might get similar type answers. Like from “for socializing” or “energy”, or “for the taste” or for “nutrition”, even though we may not be sure how we get the nutrition from the food.

I believe that the reason we have conversation is for nutrition also but we have to assess what information is nutritious and what is just junk food. So we use conversation to also assess the value of the information we are absorbing. How do we do that? Good question grasshopper. I believe that we assess the sincerity of the converser and the integrity of the information that they are sharing. And we can do this by listening for consistency and accuracy in the shared information.

Now knowing all of this and trying it out means we are on our way to being that much more aware and conscious when we are conversing. In a world of potential “fake news” we can now discern a little more consciously what and who we are listening to when we have a conscious conversation.

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