Using AI Tools That Moderate Team Feedback

Using AI Tools That Moderate Team Feedback Before it Becomes a Dispute

Why are team members in organizations hesitant to take a risk and share their ultra-radical ideas? Because of the feedback response, they are likely to receive if they step too far out of the norm. That is what researchers found at Google while studying what makes high-performing teams, and probably explains why most new ideas are iterations of previous ideas, and only now and then a new and radical idea pops up.

Here is a radical idea that I’m not afraid to continue to share, yet all I ever hear is crickets on my posts….ha!

What if we created an AI Moderator to protect team members from poorly delivered and negative feedback or no feedback at all.

What does an AI Feedback Moderator look like? Well, here is one I prepared earlier; see below.
With millions of internal team disputes happening every day, some exposed and most not, think of the time and costs that we could save every time disputing team members used our independent AI Moderator to resolve their disputes, due to poorly delivered feedback.

If you want to offer feedback but don’t want to take the risk? Try me now, and I can demonstrate how the moderator works in real life, and I will also try to explain why we think it will work. Or maybe you could try to explain why you think it won’t work.

AI Feedback Moderator

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