Freestyle Conversation

Freestyle Conversation Empowering Teams to Speak Up

Imagine if we were free to interrupt our conversations or discussions with anyone in our team or with management. Anytime or anywhere, we could pause our interactions when we felt something amiss with what was said or how it was said. In the same way that a Toyota assembly line workers using the Andon system can stop the assembly line when they notice a quality issue?

Example: A pet hate of mine is when people use biased, dogmatic, or absolute language during a discussion. Wouldn’t it be great for someone like me to have the freedom to object to someone’s behavior when I felt that they had the Objectivity Illusion

Now, some might say that my view could have this illusion of objectivity, and I would have to concede that as a possibility. So, what if we agreed to use an independent network of peers to review our objectivity when we could not resolve my disputed objection?

It seems to me that most organizational academics are talking about encouraging people to speak up in teams and even label it psychologically safety, to provide such an environment. So I am sure that everyone will agree that the Freestyle Conversation I am suggesting here will be one way we can empower everyone, no?

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