Our Andon System for Discussions

Adapted from: Wikipedia Andon System of manufacturing.

From Wikipedia: 

“An Andon system is one of the principal elements of the Jidoka quality control method pioneered by Toyota as part of the Toyota Production System and therefore now part of the lean production approach.” END.
Also know as Stop-the-Line manufacturing.

What is an Andon Discussion – Object123
Andon gives every worker the ability and empowerment to stop discussions when a shortcoming is detected. Common reasons for the low-level activation of the ANDON procedure are; use of dogmatic or biased language, raising one’s tone of volume, lack of source provided, or just generally when we are uncomfortable but not even sure exactly why.

Activation of Andon Discussion – Object123
A real-time 1. alert Caution is raised. At this point, the discussion is paused until we can reconcile. If still unresolved, the caution is escalated to a 2. Official Objection and then can ultimately be escalated to a 3. Stop, which is then posted automatically on the dispute network, to be reviewed as part of a continual improvement process.

Data Collection of the Andon Discussion
The Object123 Andon system typically indicates where the alert was generated, by whom and why, and may also describe the offending behavior and list the offender. This system is color-coded and includes a verbal Alert-Caution, an official Text Objection, and a Stop, automatically posting the issue to the Disputz Network for review. If the network of independent peers cannot resolve the dispute, then a zoom call is taken with some 8 network participants who take a vote, and management receives their recommendation to resolve the dispute.

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