Co-founders, Build Your Own Dispute Network

We use as our Founder Dispute Network

“65% of startups fail because of co-founder conflict”


Anyone that has ever been in a startup will know that it is challenging. It’s sort of like being in a Wild West movie, with no natural justice system and everyone afraid that there might be a lynchin’. I have been there and survived a couple of startups, but we had our fair share of conflicts..

Most startup academics will tell you that the reason startups fail is because of a combination of some of the following: Product/Market Fit, Funding, Team Selection, Competition, Pricing, etc. etc. They will unfortunately leave out that all of these issues and hundreds more related directly to founders, like: equity split, roles, startup direction, investment, workload, etc., etc. will require decision-making, and during these discussions, disagreements occur. Some of these disagreements will become conflicts and will have lasting effects on the startup and it’s success or failure.

Professor Noam Wasserman’s bestselling book describes the internal disputes that occur with co-founders and how some 65% of startups fail due to these conflicts.

Now, imagine we had our own network of independent founders that we could easily access to help us resolve our internal disputes and conflicts. We can use the Founder Dispute Network (FDN) to help us resolve co-founder conflict by getting independent feedback from interested founder members on our behavior during conflicts and also on the context of the dispute.

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