Harassing in Startups

I have a simple idea. Let’s make all forms of harassing in startups (not just sexual harassment) unacceptable.

If all forms of harassing in startup teams really was unacceptable, then I believe all co-founders would be using the structure needed that empowers all team members to tackle such misbehavior, in real-time..

Imagine if all team members could simply object to any behavior they felt was harassing, as it happened from anyone in the startup (including investors). Anyone that was browbeating, raising their tone/volume, gossiping, mocking, accusing, being dogmatic, belittling, misleading and any other form of harassing behavior that made a member feel uncomfortable, could now be stopped in their tracks.

I believe this should be the case, as it should be in any workplace. I also believe that we have created an easy solution to tackle all forms of harassment within startup teams, without using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Consisting of a simple 3 step safety drill called Object123 and an independent founder dispute network called Disputz, our network empowers everyone in the startup, ensuring that we are all protected from all forms and levels of harassment that offends us.

Harassing in startups is also unacceptable

*Picture from the series Halt and Catch Fire

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