Our Dispute Culture – 3 Steps to Stamp Out Co-founder Conflict

What is a dispute culture?

It is a culture that helps us stamp our team conflict. We will inevitably disagree in a startup team, as we are all individuals, and we all think differently, whether we like to admit it or not. Our dispute culture rekindles and empowers us to disagree, even more, by setting up an easy-to-use dispute resolution procedure that allows us to resolve our internal disputes before they become conflicts.

Our dispute culture consists of:

  • Safety drill – Object123
  • Safety net – Disputz Network

Object123 is our safety drill that allows us to moderate each other’s behavior using a 3 step objection procedure. One activates the drill whenever one feels uncomfortable or offended by another team member’s behavior. That’s it! It does not need hundreds of dos or don’ts. The disputing members suspend their discussion until they resolve the dispute that the offending behavior has caused. If they cannot fix it after the three steps, the dispute is automatically posted on the Disputz safety network to get reviewed by their peers.

3 steps to stamping out conflict

Disputz Network is our safety net. It allows both the offender and the offended to have their say in an open social media forum of like-minded peers, (initially this will be a network of startup founders). Members can review any disputes lodged within their group and help resolve them. They can also post their own disputes by first using the Object123 safety drill and provided their offender has agreed to be a member of the Disputz Network.

Disputz Network

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