Resolve It Vs Get Over It?

I was recently having a conversation on Linkedin with a Keynote Speaker & Life Coach, about behavior and he told me his solution to an unresolved dispute in an organization:
“move on or move!”
I was shocked and disagreed with what I think is a simplistic solution.
He reiterated his “move on or move” to “move on and let it go”, and did not retract “or move”.
If a team member or manager told me to “move on and get over it” I would object to his behavior, and if he did not acknowledge it, then it would be posted automatically onto the, a review network to let our peers decide. Something like this post below would be available for the network to review.
What do you think? How would you respond?

I would never belong to an organization that had a value of “move on and let it go”.
I believe all disputes, caused by misbehavior can be resolved, and done so pretty easily given the right tools and if everyone in the team is onboard from the start. That does not mean that we will all be in agreement with the solution but there will be a decision and maybe a recommendation to let someone go. However this would be done democratically and not left to one power broker that could abuse their power.

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