Workplace Protection for Speaking Up

Lately, this idea encouraging workplace team members to speak up and call out mistakes, misbehavior, and misleading leadership has been getting a lot of airwaves. Still, no one seems to be discussing how we can supply sufficient protection during the process.

A key to my understanding of this issue is from the quote:

“Psychological safety is an atmosphere where one can take chances…..without fear &
with sufficient protection.”

Edgar Schein and Warren Bennis in 1965 – Psychological Safety – Wikipedia

Imagine we had protections that we could trust would only give us the benefits of speaking up and could simply address any repercussions when we explicitly disagree with a teammate or team leader.

After all, isn’t that the main reason we keep so much to ourselves? I mean, who wants to rock the boat, be considered a troublemaker, or to get browbeaten for sharing a wacky concept, when we can just go with the flow?

We are developing a toolkit at that offers such protections and encourages us to speak up more. Here is the demo video.

SpatzAI Demo Video

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