Exposing Founder Conflict Using SpatzAI

“65% of startup teams
 fail due to founder conflict”

              Prof. Noam Wasserman

How is this possible? If 65% of startup teams are failing because of founder conflict and some 9 out of 10 funded startups generally fail, why are the startup accelerators and incubators not actively doing something about this to either:

  1. Protect the founders that are in their care?
  2. Protect their investors’ investment in these founders?

I bet that these startups that are failing due to founder conflict were not aware, at the time, that their spat or dispute was in actual fact a founder conflict that was going to result in the company failing.

We can vouch for this, as it happened to our startup some 15 years ago. What we thought was a minor team spat at the time turned out to be an ongoing founder conflict that is still unresolved to this day. I guess you could say it was a conflict in disguise.

Exposing Founder Conflict Using SpatzAI

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